Slate Digital Infinity EQ v1.0.5.1 Crack (Win) Free

INFINITY EQ is Slate Digital’s FULL Crack most advanced modern equalizer. With zero latency analog matched curves, lightning fast intuitive workflow, unique filter and M / S options, and presets made by pros like Mike Dean and Oak Felder, INFINITY EQ will help you execute your musical ideas with ease.INFINITY EQ lets you process your tracks with the least amount of mouse movements, clicks, and modifier keys. The slick interface enables extremely fast selection of filters, slopes, gain, grouping, M/S, and bypass.

Looking for a one-stop-shop Slate Digital Infinity EQ Keygen key that can do it all? Check out the Infinity EQ plug-in from Slate Digital. This 24-band graphical EQ aims at the modern engineer who wants to work fast and get great results. Optimized for mouse control and touchscreen surfaces, with compact control groups for the ultimate economy of motion, the Infinity EQ is astonishingly efficient and designed to push your workflow into hyperdrive. Did we mention it sounds great, too? When engineers at Sweetwater took the Infinity EQ for a spin, the watchword was “transparency,” no matter if you use it for subtle carving or dramatic tonal transformation. And, with continuously shapeable slopes, simultaneous cut and boost, and powerful Mid/Side and Left/Right processing, the Slate Digital Infinity EQ is a horse for every course.

The Slate Digital Infinity EQ License key is all about workflow. Its intuitive interface is laid out to minimize mouse movements, with tight groupings for related functions and no right-click drop-down menus. Double-click on any point to create one of up to 24 filter bands, and use the sliders that hover above or below the band to shape the slope and adjust the Q. For pinpoint listening, you can click the headphone icon to solo a band. And, the Infinity EQ lets you affect multiple bands simultaneously by selecting and linking band groups. Paired with automation, the tone-shaping possibilities of the Infinity EQ are nearly limitless.

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Sound processing software developer Slate Digital free Downloads has released a universal 24-band graphic equalizer Infinity EQ, which offers an intuitive interface and has a number of optimizations for mouse and touch screens.

Slate Digital Infinity EQ allows you to switch any of the bands for processing Mid, Side, Left, Right, Stereo channels and link multiple bands into groups for overall impact on the desired frequencies.Other features of the program include: a real-time analyzer, a set of filters, the ability to block bands, a Band Solo function, a scalable interface, many presets.


  • 24-band graphical drag-style EQ
  • Designed to streamline your workflow
  • Remarkably transparent zero-latency analog matching filters
  • Compact control groupings minimize mouse clicks
  • Band solo function for pinpoint listening
  • Group bands for simultaneous control
  • Packed with helpful presets
  • M/S and L/R processing capability
  • Concurrent cut and boost on low and high shelves


Does Slate Digital have a dynamic EQ?

Overview. INFINITY EQ is Slate Digital’s most advanced modern equalizer. With zero latency analog matched curves, lightning fast intuitive workflow, unique filter and M/S options, and presets made by pros like Mike Dean and Oak Felder, INFINITY EQ will help you execute your musical ideas with ease.

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Does Slate Digital have autotune?

The best Automatic Tuner on Earth

Say goodbye to buggy, expensive automatic tuners. … From subtle, natural pitch adjustments to in-your-face fx, MetaTune is the automatic tuner you’ve been waiting for.

Is the slate digital bundle worth it?

Is the Slate Digital Everything Bundle worth it?!?!?!?! The answer is NO, absolutely not! The Everything Bundle is not worth it.

What EQ does Mike Dean use?

R-Vox is the go-to vocal compressor for a majority of producers and engineers worldwide. Its easy to use interface includes 3 knobs, the gate, compression, and output gain covering the most important parts of vocal processing for you.


I assure you, I’m not associated or affiliated with Slate Digital Crack in any way, shape or form. I’m simply passionate about their products, because they’re all so good!

If you haven’t already, definitely make sure to check out Slate’s “All Access Pass,” which includes all of their plugins, tutorials, synths, amp sims, samples and more for the super-affordable monthly price of $9.99. It’s a killer deal, and will cover absolutely all of your mixing needs for a much lower cost than if you were to go and buy dozens of individual plugins.What are some of your favorite Slate Digital plugins? Let me know in the comments below.

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