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Softube Heartbeat Crack is a new drum machine plugin (VST / AU / AAX) from the Swedish developer Softube. Inspired by, rather than a direct emulation of, classic ’80s drum machines such as Roland’s TR-909, TR-808 and TR-707, it features eight instrument engines: Kick 1, Kick 2, Snare / Rimshot , Box / Clap. , HiHats, Drum 1, Drum 2, and Cymbal. Each instrument has its own mixing channel with auxiliary reverb and filter delay effects, a Ping / Pong auto pan effect, regular pan, mute, and solo controls, and a one-button custom EQ. The master section includes an adaptation of Softube’s Valley People Dyna-mite emulation for dynamics control, plus EQ, stereo imaging (wide), tube drive, and a mono filter. and HiHats instruments also mix sampled waveforms. There are global settings for overall velocity sensitivity and velocity impact on attack, decay, and initial pitch, plus a shortening parameter called Time Gate that sets a global decay time for all instruments (20ms to 100s) and the MIDI input of the Auto Layer Machine. manipulator. However, surprisingly, there is no built-in sequencer. Softube doesn’t actually name the drum machines that Heartbeat is based on, but their descriptions are close enough to deduce that Bass Drum 1 and Bass Drum 2 emulate, to some extent, Roland’s TR-909 and 808 respectively.

However, both give you more parameters to play with than the originals, with the BD1’s attack type and harmonic controls on both instruments and the custom EQ, in particular, delivering a very wide range of sounds. As a consequence, if you are used to working with real things or other emulations of them, the added flexibility actually makes recreating those classic sounds a bit more complicated, although the manual does include some suggested settings. The two snare instruments (SD Rim and SD Clap) are highly flexible, and each component (Wave and Synth) includes its own Type, Pitch, and Decay controls, and the mix between the two is set by the top slider. For SD Rim, Wave Type smoothly switches between Snare and Rimshot, while Synth Type moves from Tone to Noise; for SD Clap, the Wave and Synth controls move from Snare to Clap. Again, a wide range of sounds can be produced, and the manual provides suggested settings for classic sounds. Softube Heartbeat Serial Key HiHats instrument responds to two MIDI notes for closed and open sounds, the first drowning out the second. Sound generation moves from electronic to acoustic (wave type) and metal to noise (synth type), with pitch and decay controls available for both. The only drawback is that both open and closed hats share the same synthesis parameters, so they always have the same tonality, the only difference between them is that the sounds open for a longer time than the closed ones. The two percussion instruments are identical, with five transformative modes on offer, as well as controls for Decay, Pitch, Pitch, Bend Time, Bend Range, and Bend Direction (Up / Down). The single and double modes use one and two triangle wave oscillators respectively, for classic and cowbell syncs; FM and FM + N (noise) offer metallic sounds; while Noise provides vibrators and resonant noise zaps.

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Finally, the Cymbal instrument produces loud, high-frequency cymbal sounds of the characteristic early ’80s variety, with the Ring parameter providing an additional attack. Heartbeat includes two auxiliary effects, Filter Echo and TSAR-1D Algorithmic Reverb, added to the master output before the Master EQ. Filter Echo produces both regular and flavorful dub-style filtered delays, while TSAR-1D (a simplified version of Softube’s TSAR-1 plug-in) offers small to large gaps with well-tuned frequency content. Each includes a Pre option, to position before the Dyna-mite module. Dyna-mite is a super responsive VCA-style dynamics processor that operates in three main modes: slow (compression), fast (limiting), and gate, augmented by Bass Drums Duck mode. Slow mode has an attack slow enough to allow for quick compression of beats, while fast mode nails transients head-on. Softube Heartbeat License Key in slow or fast mode, activating Duck makes the BD1 and BD2 bypass all other instruments, for clarity in the mix. In gate mode, activating Duck configures the gate to respond to BD1 / 2 only. The net effect of Bass Drums Duck is that it removes Heartbeat hits from the compressed signal, which can be very useful. . The Master Bus EQ is a ‘wide brush’ design with high and low shelves, a midrange peak band, and high and low cut filters. Meanwhile, the overdrive algorithm gradually adds tube-like harmonics, Width offers mid / side rebalancing, and Mono Cut monoizes the signal below an adjustable cutoff frequency.

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Free Download Softube Heartbeat 2 full version standalone offline installer for Windows, it is a source of familiar but unique drum machine sounds. Flexible and modifiable, classic drum synthesis is back with a vengeance! Flexible and modifiable. It’s your source for familiar but unique drum machine sounds. Use the built-in effects and the innovative Auto Layer Machine to take your beats to unexpected places. Or use the Heartbeat instrument and EQ modules in Modular. Softube’s Heartbeat is a software drum synthesizer, primarily based on modeled analog synthesis. At its center, the plug-in contains eight instrument channels with two different kick channels, delivering a variety of textures.

Two snare channels have six parameters each, allowing you to produce anything from bold edge shots, smooth rolls to machine claps. The cymbal and hi-hat channels feature flexible synth engines, while the identical drum channels can be used to model anything from 80s-style synthetic toms to cowbells and noise drops. The effects section includes slightly adapted versions of the company’s Valley People Dyna-mite dynamic modeling model and the TSAR-1 Reverb. Filter Echo is a filtered delay effect with adjustable cutoff and resonance parameters. Softube Heartbeat Activation Key Adjustable output saturation is also available. Each of the eight channels has a dedicated mix channel with controls for volume, pan, ping pong (auto pan), EQ (tailored specifically for each instrument), and send levels to the reverb and delay effects. features an automatic layering machine with four channels that can be used to layer sounds or trigger a chain of events. A Chaos slider ensures things aren’t too predictable. Flexible global velocity parameter knobs for volume, tone, attack, and decay allow response speed changes, and a time gate shortens the overall decay to create a stuttering, stiff machine sound.

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  • Eight channels of drum sounds, primarily based on modeled analog synthesis
  • Four-channel automatic layering machine for layering sounds or triggering rhythm patterns
  • Including adapted versions of the TSAR-1 Reverb and Valley People Dyna-mite, as well as Filter Echo and overdrive output


Is Softube compatible with M1?

We are not yet compatible with M1-equipped Macs, but we are working on that. Keep an eye on this page where we announce all the information related to software compatibility.

How do I use the Softube plugins?

To install your Softube package, simply double-click the installers you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. When the installer has finished, the Softube Plugin Control will open. Select the Time and Tone package and click OK to make its plug-ins visible to your host software.

How do I transfer my softube license?

To transfer a license to another user / account, install and run the iLok License Manager application. Once you have started the application, log in with your iLok account credentials and right-click on the license (s) you want to transfer. Finally, select ‘Transfer license’.


Softube Heartbeat Crack is a great and highly modifiable drum machine, and we have a lot of fun trying to recreate classic sounds with it, while also delighting in the new noises it brings to the drum table. Much of the latter is due to the flexibility of the parameters, especially the Bass Drum Harmonics option and the extensive Type settings on the Snare and HiHats instruments.

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